“Is logic a physical variable?” Introduction to the Special Issue

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Michał Eckstein
Bartłomiej Skowron


“Is logic a physical variable?” This thought-provoking question was put forward by Michael Heller during the public lecture “Category Theory and Mathematical Structures of the Universe” delivered on 30th March 2017 at the National Quantum Information Center in Sopot. It touches upon the intimate relationship between the foundations of physics, mathematics and philosophy. To address this question one needs a conceptual framework, which is on the one hand rigorous and, on the other hand capacious enough to grasp the diversity of modern theoretical physics. Category theory is here a natural choice. It is not only an independent, well-developed and very advanced mathematical theory, but also a holistic, process-oriented way of thinking.

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Eckstein, M., & Skowron, B. (2020). “Is logic a physical variable?” Introduction to the Special Issue. Philosophical Problems in Science (Zagadnienia Filozoficzne W Nauce), (69), 7–13. Retrieved from https://zfn.edu.pl/index.php/zfn/article/view/536