The transparency of the universe and diffuse interstellar bands as a challenge for the development of science

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Bogdan Wszołek


In general introduction few examples of astronomical explanations of well-known and common local physical phenomena are presented. They are meant to show that it is often much easier to explain commonly experienced phenomena by investigating the behavior of something which is very far from the observer. In main chapters of the article the transparency of interstellar and intergalactic medium as well as the mystery of diffuse interstellar bands are presented. These very important fundamental problems are – for some reasons – overlooked by contemporary researchers. Plausible mechanisms of sociological, psychological and methodological kinds are proposed in last chapter as a potential explanation of fading of the scientific attempts to understand the nature and to create better future for the mankind. These are ethics in science and interdisciplinary way of solving scientific problems.

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Wszołek, B. (2017). The transparency of the universe and diffuse interstellar bands as a challenge for the development of science. Philosophical Problems in Science (Zagadnienia Filozoficzne W Nauce), (63), 113–132. Retrieved from
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