Despite the burgeoning field of philosophy of economics, we believe that still too little attention has been paid to the philosophical underpinnings of economics. Therefore, this special volume invites submissions from scholars (esp. philosophers and economists of any persuasion) to reflect on and/or re-think the said philosophical foundations of economics. The relevant topics of the submissions include, but are not restricted to:

  • Indifference analysis,
  • Choice vis-à-vis indifference (incl. the problem of framing one’s choices),
  • Revealed and demonstrated preference,
  • Normative entanglements of economics,
  • The ontology of economic goods,
  • The epistemic status of economic propositions,
  • Time preference,
  • Welfare and well-being,
  • Ordinal vs cardinal utility,
  • Causality in economics,
  • Measurements in economics,
  • Praxeology vs mainstream economics.

This special issue will hence provide philosophers of science and economists with an opportunity to evaluate the so-far achievements of the philosophy of economics and to further contribute to the ongoing debates in this field.


Important dates

Full paper submission deadline: September 1st, 2023



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Submissions must be made through the ZFN In the ‘section’ menu, be sure to select the special issue (‘Philosophy of Economics’). Manuscripts should not exceed 15k words. All submissions are subject to the journal’s policies of peer-review and will conform to the ethical expectations. For more information about submission, see author guidelines.


Guest editors

The special issue will be guest-edited by Igor Wysocki (Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń) and Walter Block (Loyola University New Orleans).

For further questions about this special issue, contact Igor Wysocki at or Piotr Urbańczyk at