The Philosophy in Informatics special issue of ZFN is dedicated to discussing the most recent problems in computing and informatics, as indicated by its subtitle, namely Frontiers of Philosophy in Computing and Information. The proposed topics for papers include, but are not limited to:

  • non-Turing computational paradigms,
  • natural computing,
  • interpretations and consequences for the general theory of information,
  • the ontology of information,
  • epistemology and ontology in computer simulation,
  • the ontology of virtual reality,
  • morphological computation,
  • biosemiotic inspirations in artificial autonomous systems,
  • information and computation in autopoietic systems,
  • the history of AI,
  • explainable AI,
  • the ontology of AI systems,
  • ontological gaps in autonomous AI systems,
  • the philosophical foundations of AI paradigms,
  • judgment and phronesis as AI paradigms,
  • artificial general intelligence (AGI) and its philosophical prerequisites,
  • conceptualizations for super intelligent systems,
  • and the threats and possibilities presented by technology over the horizon.

Submission Deadline: June 12, 2022
Publication: Fourth quarter 2022

The editors of this special issue of ZFN are Professor Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic of Chalmers University (a guest editor) and Roman Krzanowski of the Pontifical University of John Paul II.

All submitted papers will be considered in accordance with the usual strict peer-review procedures of the journal. Texts should be submitted in English, and submissions from authors who are not native English speakers will need to be edited by a native speaker who is competent in the field. Furthermore, papers should be consistent with the theme of this special edition.

The submission procedure and author guidelines can be found at:

Submissions to the Philosophy in Informatics special issue of ZFN should use the “Philosophy in informatics” section from the “SECTION” drop-down menu in the first step of the submission process. Papers should not exceed 35 pages (1.5 line spacing, 12 pt. font) including references.

All articles published in Philosophical Problems in Science are freely and permanently accessible online without access or subscription charges, embargo periods, or user registration.

If you have any questions about this special edition of ZFN, please contact Roman Krzanowski at with the subject line “Special Edition of ZFN”.

We look forward to receiving your contribution.